Intro: For the first CLog entry I want to tell you a little about what my goals are for this section of the website.  Problem is I haven't fully decided yet. So, I am going to try a few things out and see what works best. The big issue is I am not a huge lover of writing so someone else may write the remainder of this post.... we'll see. 

Topics: My plan is to cover issues that are important to us and you. We want to be able to discuss issues with our friends and for us to do that on a regular basis we will have to go over things that are important to us and hopefully you as well! Obviously boating will be a big part of the topics covered but we also plan to include other information as well. While we are a marine company I don't feel that confines us to discussion of only topics centered around the industry. The crew and I enjoy lots of things in life and hope to share all of those things with anyone who wants to listen. Next week I hope to discuss the small practices that we should all take part in to keep our waters cleaner.

Friends: If you have some sort of content you would like posted on the CLog submit it to It can be a link to a video, your original literary work or any other medium for distributing good information. This is something we will do a test run with. Please keep any submissions appropriate and relevant in some way or another. If we receive a lot of useless or inappropriate submissions we will have to cease and desist the program. We also hope to update everyone on the status of the company as a whole. Being that we are in a developmental stage, things change around the landing frequently. This is where we plan to update everyone as to what is going on with us and what you can expect to see in the future.

Thank you: To end this note the I would like to thank you....thank you for being a part of this voyage with us. One of the most important values we have as a company is to become friends with you all. To do that we firmly believe that it is extremely important for us to be as transparent as possible at all times, your trust is imperative and we look forward to earning it.  With that said it's time for us to bring all hands on deck and get back to work. Talk to you soon.

-Landon Bland