In this next post I want to pick up where I left off on the last post titled "What's the big deal?". If you haven't read it yet, stop, go read it and then come back here.

In the last post I talked about how the idea for OverSea was born. Even after having this idea I didn't really think it was necessarily a great idea for a company. Often times I think about ideas for businesses and they are quite terrible. Maybe they are a great product, but not a great business or maybe it's just some weird thing that only other weird people like myself would use. Whatever the case, they are bad business ideas and I mentally throw them away. For whatever reason this one stuck with me, so I dug in. 

When I started my research I had one main goal in mind. That goal was to find out if other people experienced this same problem as often as the people I knew had. What I found was that this happens way more than I thought it did. WAY F**** more.  It is absolutely mind blowing how many boats sink every year. After I found this out I became infatuated with the idea of this company. I started crunching numbers, calling my family members, my girlfriend still to this day has to listen to this stuff...poor girl (ILY Steph). 

Now that I knew other people's boats sink and not only people I know, I felt like maybe I had a viable business. In my eyes and I am often wrong, I believe a good business solves a problem for a lot of people. Not only does it solve a problem, it solves it more efficiently and effectively than the current system that is in place. Lastly, the problem has to be such a pain in the ass that someone wants to give you money to fix it.  What many do not understand is that for someone to reach in their pocket/swipe their card and give you money for anything is a big deal.  While I am still working to prove that you, the boat lovers of the world will be willing to do that, I strongly believe we can build a product to exceed your expectations at a very reasonable price. 

This post brings us up to about November of last year. In November of last year I tried something new, something I had never done before, something I really wasn't sure I wanted to do at all. Taking this step ended being one of the best decisions I have made for this business yet. I will tell you all about that in just a couple weeks. Thank you for reading, leave a comment or hit the like button. I am looking for a little feedback on these posts to see if everyone is getting something out of them. I hope you are.

All the best,
Landon, Lou and the OverSea team